Japanese lessons Singapore: Japanese language secrets

Japanese language secrets – A determined mind goes a long way to learning a new language

A common situation faced by Japanese language learners is that they often find themselves being able to read and write the language well, but when it comes to conversation, words don’t flow as easily as compared to understanding written Japanese. Why is this so?

Japanese Language School Singapore - Japanese lessons Singapore: Japanese language secrets

If they need some work, or if your entire knowledge comes solely from textbook conversations, then you have a lot to gain through a Japanese language exchange!

Japanese lessons Singapore: learn the Japanese language secrets from Pyaess Japanese Language School

Want to learn Japanese language secrets? The reason is that learners usually learn through reading and writing rather than listening and speaking. Once you are able to recognise and read the characters, you should try to listen and speak.

Japanese lessons Singapore: Japanese language secrets

Conversation should be a spontaneous activity; it should not be a case of you still trying to construct the sentence in your mind and keeping the other party waiting.

Japanese Language Private Tuition - Japanese lessons Singapore: Japanese language secrets

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