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Learn Japanese Language in Singapore: Interesting fact on the Japanese expatriates in Singapore [Source: Wikipedia]

Learn Japanese Language in Singapore – There is a large community of Japanese expatriates in Singapore, consisting mostly of corporate employees and their families. The first Japanese person to settle in Singapore was Yamamoto Otokichi, who arrived in 1862. Larger-scale migration from Japan to Singapore is believed to have begun in the early 1870s, shortly after the Meiji Restoration.

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Singapore’s first resident of Japanese origin is believed to be Yamamoto Otokichi, from Mihama, Aichi. In 1832, he was working as a crewman on a Japanese boat which was caught in a storm and drifted across the Pacific Ocean; after a failed attempt to return home, he began to work for the British government as an interpreter. After earning British citizenship, he settled in Singapore in 1862. He died five years later and was buried there.

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Total Population of Japanese expatriates in Singapore: 35,982 (October 2014)
There is a fairly large Japanese community in Singapore, perhaps this is the reason in which you should Learn Japanese Language in Singapore!

Learn Japanese Language in Singapore: Which Japanese Language School is Good?

A friend, Fabian once asked me this question as he wanted to Learn Japanese Language in Singapore: “I have an interest in studying Japanese but unsure where I should go to learn the Japanese language in Singapore. I checked out a few Japanese Language Schools in Singapore and know that some schools skip fundamental grammar basics. Is this true? And which japanese language school to recommend for learning Japanese? Which school can I go to take the JLPT tests?”

Learn Japanese Language in Singapore: About the Japanese Language

Japanese language words are spoken by native Japanese and have a very distinct sound to the language. It has a relatively small sound inventory compared with English; however, it has a complex system of honorifics that is used to address people according to their status. Japanese language words are made out of three main alphabets, namely Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana. Romanji, which is the Romanised form of Japanese, is less seen in Japan but used to input text into computers and used for company names and logos. This difference in language could be accounted for by the distance and the inaccessibility of such areas from the rest of the country before modern transport existed. But everyday usage of these dialects is growing increasingly rare as education, mobility and mass media result in the increase in the usage of common Japanese. The government has even prohibited the use of these dialects in schools.

Japanese language grammar is a subject-object-verb structure, but its rules are not strict; the only strict thing is that the verb has to be placed at the end of the sentence. Even though other rules as to order are not as strict, the Japanese language has a strict adherence to honorifics and has numerous different terms for different situations – some for people who have higher status than you, and others that are for those who are equal or have lower status than you. Come to Japanese Language School Singapore (Pyaess Japanese Language School) to Learn japanese language in Singapore today!

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