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Japanese Language School – Singapore

Japanese Language School Singapore

Looking for a Japanese Language School in Singapore? Looking for a good Japanese language school in Singapore was tough. While looking for a really worthwhile Japanese language school in Singapore, the best I’ve come across and that had a good lasting impact for me was, Pyaess School, Singapore.

I went though many trials and tried many different language schools. Some were good, but some simply were quite bad. Can you imagine sitting in a class trying to learn Japanese and not understanding a single word the teacher was uttering?

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When trying out a Japanese language school in Singapore, please do remember to check the school’s terms and conditions – know your rights before putting that deposit down and committing yourself to a Japanese Language Course!

What Japanese Language Centre in Singapore is worth looking at?

Well, as mentioned earlier, you will want to look for this school called Pyaess Japanese Language Centre, Singapore. Try googling the school name or go directly to www.pyaess.edu.sg. On this website you will find all the relevant information you need to contact them or to learn more about their Japanese language courses and classes available. Of course, you may also want to take a look at the others out there, but if you are really looking for a good Japanese language school in Singapore that will cater to your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), age (child or adult), intensity (casual or examination preparation) and with a nice variety of classes – Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore; is definitely the ticket for you.

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How Does Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore make a difference?

Being in a correct Japanese Language School, Singapore makes the biggest difference ever.  You would definitely want to have a fun and enjoyable Japanese language learning experience.  This would comprise of many factors which includes good teaching/learning materials to guide you. At Pyaess Language School, Singapore, I would have to say that even at the intermediate and advanced levels, the textbooks are easy to comprehend and helps very much with the vocabulary. You will be presented with materials that are not only manageable but are memory-friendly so that you can do your revision at your own pace with with minimal supervision.  I would also say that the classes at Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore are small.  This manageable size offers many advantages which include an fearless atmosphere where you can try your language abilities amongst your classmates. Having a small class at Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore, also leads to a good student to teacher ratio, thereby guaranteeing better attention to you by the teachers.

Why Choose Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore?

Pyaess Language School, Singapore, has taught many students since the 1980s, so they have loads of experience and know what works and what doesn’t. One of the unique features that Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore, has is their two-teacher system. During lessons, their teachers switch over so that you will have one teacher for grammar and another teacher for conversation lessons. This is a really good method as it breaks the monotony and adds a change of pace. Besides, you’ll get two teachers for the price of one!  This is also good for their teachers as it gives them better breaks so that they are always perky and alive. this translates to a much better learning experience every time at Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore.

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What do you get out of a good Japanese Language School in Singapore at the end of it all?

Firstly, do allow me to quantify as this article is mostly based on my very positive experience at Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore. A good experience will result in you getting motivated every time you go for a lesson. You will also never fear in trying out the language, this means in front of the teachers or your fellow students. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the wonderful culture and traditions that surround all things Japanese. This would lead to a better appreciation of the language and the country. So, the next time you visit Japan it would be a trip to remember, and you will also remember the time you spent at  Pyaess  School, Singapore.


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You don’t have to take my word for it. Many students have walked though the doors of Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore and have found them to be a top-notch school which delivers on all fronts. If you need more proof and need further convincing before contacting them, I encourage you to visit their (Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore) website and take a look under About> Testimonials which offers you a insight of how their students feel about Pyaess Japanese Language School, Singapore and its teachers / instructors / coaches.

Clearly, Pyaess, Singapore is the Japanese School of choice for you. I hope you’ll give them a call and discover the beauty of the language!  Contact Pyaess



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