Improve Japanese Singapore – Brush up Japanese

Improve Japanese Singapore – So how can we brush up and master Japanese?

How to Improve Your Japanese Listening Comprehension?

Are you searching to learn japanese in singapore community centre? Welcome to Improve Japanese Singapore by Pyaess Japanese Language School.

Improve Japanese Singapore – Japanese Listening Comprehension

Improve Japanese Singapore : Tips to improve listening comprehension
To improve your listening comprehension, it is important to listen to the Japanese language as much as possible (3 hours per day a year). For this purpose, you can either gather a group of friends to learn Japanese in a group or individually by your own in the comfort of your home. But group learning with a teacher always brings you the best result possible!

As you listen to the conversations, you may notice phrases or words which appear repeatedly in the Japanese dramas and radio programs. You should try to catch them, write them down and ask your teacher their meaning. You can improve your vocabulary this way.

Improve Japanese Singapore with Pyaess Japanese language school

You also can improve your vocabularies by reading Japanese comics (MANGA). Most of sentences in MANGA have HIRAGANA besides KANJI. This means that you are able to read all the Japanese sentences in MANGA if you can read HIRAGANA and KATAKANA. Try to write the words and sentences which you don’t understand, and ask your teacher the meaning of them.

At Pyaess Japanese Language School, you can study general communication skills, Japanese for business purposes or prepare for an international language proficiency test.

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Where Can Learn Japanese In Singapore?

We offer part-time Japanese language courses for local and foreign students. You can learn Japanese in a group or individually.
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