Where to learn Japanese in singapore? (Japanese Language School in Singapore)

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Where Can Learn Japanese In Singapore?

Do you wish to learn Japanese Language in Singapore? Any good Japanese Language School to recommend? Introducing to you PYAESS Japanese Language School – learn Japanese in singapore.

Japanese Language School Singapore - Learn Japanese in Singapore

PYAESS Japanese Language School is an established Japanese Language School with a rich history in Singapore.  PYAESS  was founded in 1988 by Mr Seiichi Haga.  Mr Haga first came to Singapore in the year 1975 in a ship called the “Ship for South East Asia Youth Programme (SSEAYP)”. He was then an undergraduate of the Tokyo’s Waseda  University, Economics and Politics Faculty.

Learn Japanese in Singapore
He returned to Singapore later on in 1985, started PYAESS and later registered PYAESS Japanese Language School with the Ministry of Education in 1988. The name PYAESS has a rich history behind the name, he named his school “PYAESS” which actually spelt “SSEAYP”backwards in loving memory of his first trip to Singapore when he was a student.

Learn Japanese language courses from a highly trusted Japanese language school (Singapore)

Today after 20 years, Mr Seiichi Haga leads a team of dedicated and professional Japanese teachers who are trained and experienced. Bilingual in Japanese and English, and also exposed to the multi cultural society in Singapore, they are very capable in explaining Japanese lessons in English so that students can easily learn the Japanese Language!

Pyaess Japanese Language School

Tel: 6327 1377

Learn Japanese in SingaporeLearn Japanese language in Singapore here!

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