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Japanese language tuition centre singapore: Where Can Learn Japanese In Singapore? Which Japanese Language Centre is the best? Are you looking to find which Japanese Language Centre is the best?

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I want to master the japanese language and looking for Japanese language tuition centre singapore

  • want to master as fastest as possible
  • want to learn with my own pace
  • want to learn conversation japanese

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Our Unique Two-Teachers System

Learn basic Japanese singapore – Our class is three hours a week. Half the time is allotted for grammar. The other half is allotted for speaking and listening. By having two teachers, our students can learn more from the two teachers and also the different way native Japanese speak. It is always lively and fun with different personality and aptitudes, not dry and boring. Our teachers are always full of energy and enthusiasm and they are happy to teach. Students are given opportunities to interact and speak in Japanese.

Japanese Language for the service industry like Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants

Are you looking to learn japanese for the service industry? Please contact us if you are thinking of….

  • want to let service staff learn Japanese
  • want to enhance the level of service manner
  • want to attract Japanese customers more
  • want to prepare for JLPT in short period
  • can speak certain level of Japanese but no chance to talk
  • want to learn Japanese for travel to Japan

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