Japanese language Singapore review: conversational Japanese Language for beginners

Japanese language Singapore review – conversational Japanese Language for beginners: Welcome to Pyaess Japanese Language School – The Japanese language school of choice.

Are you looking to learn conversational Japanese Language for beginners? We are the specialist Japanese Language School in Singapore. Learn more about Pyaess – The Japanese Language School, Singapore, in this website and start on your journey to learn Japanese.

Japanese language Singapore review - Japanese Language Private Tuition - conversational Japanese Language for beginners

Our Bilingual Teachers

We have been teaching Japanese since 1988. Come learn conversational Japanese Language for beginners with our Japanese teachers are trained and experienced. We are committed to teach our students well. Our aim is to make every student a speaker of Japanese. Our teachers are bilingual in Japanese and English. They are able to explain the lessons in English. There is no communication problem as our teachers are fluent in English.

Our Wide Selection of Japanese Language Courses to Meet Your Needs

Our Unique Two-Teachers System

Our class is three hours a week. Half the time is allotted for grammar. The other half is allotted for speaking and listening. Don’t you think that this is a good way to learn conversational Japanese Language for beginners?

By having 2 teachers, our students can learn more from the two teachers and also the different way native Japanese speak. It is always lively and fun with different personality and aptitudes, not dry and boring.

Japanese language Singapore review – learn conversational Japanese Language for beginners: Our Carefully Selected Teaching Materials

We have a library of very good teaching materials for our elementary, intermediate and advanced students. The study materials are carefully selected so that students progress as they study. We always use new and updated materials that are  interesting and easy to understand. Students will also learn about Japanese culture and customs. As we give importance to speaking, half the time is given to speaking and listening practices.

Our Central Location in Singapore

We are centrally located in a convenient location so that our students have easy access to public transport systems like the MRT and buses. Japanese language Singapore review : learn conversational Japanese Language for beginners – learn Japanese with Pyaess Japanese Language School.

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