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Looking for a course to learn Japanese? Here are the TOP 5 Japanese Language Courses

The top 5 Japanese Language Courses are:

Introduction to learning the Japanese Language – course structure
Japanese Language Teachers’ Training Course
Conversational Japanese for non-beginners 
Japanese for young sudents – Young Students Class
Lunch Time Japanese

Japanese Language Private Tuition - TOP 5 Japanese Language Courses

It’s a wonderful feeling to have found such a school at last

I’ve attended many Japanese schools in Singapore before trying the class here at Pyaess. I used to think that learning Japanese is difficult and was stressed out studying for JLPT, but not anymore :)

I’ve never had a more fun and enjoyable Japanese language learning experience than at Pyaess. My lesson lasts from 10:15 am to 1:30pm on a weekend, but it doesn’t feel long at all. At half-time, the teachers switch over — you have one teacher for grammar and another for conversation — it’s a fantastic system, you never feel bored in class and get to hear how different native Japanese speak.

Our Wide Selection of Japanese Language Classes to Meet Your Needs

Thanks to this special “two-teacher method” of teaching, the teachers are always energised. They don’t talk to you like you are a kindergarten kid, but as an adult (finally!), yet somehow, you are able to understand them and learn to speak at the normal speed too! They are very professional and explain everything very well.

Even at intermediate/advanced level, the textbooks are easy to comprehend and helps you to quickly remember the vocabulary — instead of long lists of words, the vocab lists are manageable and are incorporated into the grammar explanation so you remember the words naturally with minimal revision.

TOP 5 Japanese Language Courses: The effectiveness of the methodology at Pyaess is apparent. The rest of my classmates who have been at Pyaess longer all speak fluently, I’m so impressed!

The class size are small. There are less than nine people in my class, I feel relaxed and unafraid to make mistakes. Even if you make mistake, the teacher will make sure you understand what is going on, they are very observant, caring and clever about helping us overcome our individual obstacles.

TOP 5 Japanese Language Courses

Now, instead of thinking that learning Japanese is stressful, I look forward to class every week. It’s a wonderful feeling to have found such a school at last.

Ms Josephine Lee, working adult, Japanese language student at various Japanese schools in Singapore since 2006. Joined Pyaess in 2011

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